Speaker Damage Records

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New Joe Lecrivain EP, "Sing Along", Near Completion

Joe Lecrivain, Speaker Damage's newest artist, is near completion of his first solo effort, an EP titled "Sing Along". Blending elements of Indie, Rock, and even Electronic, the EP is sure to bring attention to the L.A. music scene vet. Check here for the official release date!

Latin Rocker Stefni Valencia Heading to the Studio for New Release

Latin rock grrrl Stefni Valencia is heading to the studio to work on a new release. Expected to blend Latin Rock with touches of American Alt Rock and Electronic, this release is one that will have fans of the artist wondering what styles she'll hit next. Visit the site for updates!

"Sing Along" by Joe Lecrivain out now!

Joe Lecrivain's "Sing Along" EP is now out, wherever you download your favorite music. Check out the "Music" page to listen!